» EPoS Systems for Restaurant and Takeaways

Takeaway is a service growing with and exponential pace due to paucity of time to cook home meals. The most critical aspect in the success of a restaurant offering takeaway service is the time taken to deliver the order. There is another aspect where most orders are being done via phones or internet, and a fast paced order management and billing system is a must for restaurants and takeaway business. This is where epos systems for takeaways help. There are various channels that can be managed by a single EPoS system for takeaways and restaurants. The various channels are as follows:

1. Internet and app based orders: Internet is the new marketplace which can really boost the takeaway business. It lets you communicate with a large population by just putting special offers online. The customers are able to order via the internet without having to walk in to the restaurant and get the food of their choice. The modern restaurants and takeaways have seen almost two fold growth due to internet, and the business hours are 24 hours. A customer can also pre order and have the food served at their destination at the right time. The EPoS for takeaways or restaurants can be a great help in these cases as order management can be done very easily. Orders can be directly delivered to the kitchen and the order is ready for delivery. The order can be delivered via email, apps or simple forms on the takeaway website, and EPoS takes care of the rest.

2. Order via telephone and SMS – Telephoning in an order is the most popular way to order food from take away restaurants. The reason behind this is the fact that people still want to be sure of what order they have given. SMS orders are also there and these can be easily processed using the EPoS system for takeaway. The epos solution manages all the orders and also stores data of the orders. So, when the next time the customer calls all the past data is in front of the executive. You can give discounts to returning customers and make them loyal thus increasing your revenue base.

3. Over the counter orders and managing delivery – Many customers prefer to arrive at the counter and order. This will include pre order customer or customer giving a new order. The EPoS system for takeaway restaurants delivers the orders right to the kitchen, thus managing time.

When you buy an EPoS system for your restaurants takeaway business you are actually buying more business. The system increases the speed and accuracy of receiving, processing and delivering the orders. All the stake holders which includes the customers are happy. This means the customer is more likely to come back and become loyal to your restaurant.

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