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EPoS Software is the soul of the EPoS system. Independent retailers and those having chain of retail shops of all categories need EPoS system software that meets all the needs including CRM, inventory management and printing of slips. The software should be easy to set up and use along with embedded tutorials to help train the staff accordingly. The EPoS retail software should be able to integrate all kinds of systems particularly the digital payment mode. The EPoS cash register should also be integrated well and easy to use and arrange, and not be a box that can create problems for the bill generator.

How the EPoS Software helps in Business?

  • Simplicity in Handling – Anyone that has worked in a retail shop will be able to use the touch screen computer with EPoS software for PC being very simple. Billing is easier than hand billing with the barcode scanning feature. The EPoS for retail shops has additional features like managing of special orders, instant deposit and back orders when the customer cancels purchasing an item. Instant sock visibility also makes the things easier for the staff.
  • Customer Service Improvements – Surveys have shown that people prefer to go to shops with EPoS as they just have to pick up the articles and go to the billing counter. All the counters are networked and this helps in having more than one counter decreasing wait time for the customers. It obviously makes the shop look more professional and gives confidence to the customer as well as the store owner as they have all the data they want on their finger tips. The stock tree which shows on the screen makes finding information easy and locating products becomes easy along with alternatives. It is all about happy customers.
  • Paying Customer Loyalty – All electronic point of sale software have the option of uploading special offers for loyal customers. Many of them have a card system wherein the customer can make a card to inde3tify themselves as regular customers. The discount in overall bill also makes the customer come back to the same shop. The customer loyalty program helps the staff in connecting with the customers, and the data that is gathered about loyal customers also helps in updating the stock as per the need. Introduction of new products also becomes quite easy, and the use of display is longer required helping save the advertising cost and building upon the revenue instead by directly giving the benefit to the customers.

It has many other benefits to the business too:

  • It improves the performance of business
  • It helps to store information about stock and sales safe and secure
  • Whatever information required can be had immediately by a simple touch or the press of a button
  • Helps the business to know the popular products and thus make changes in procurement
  • Easy printing of receipts and vouchers for customers
  • It can be easily networked to the website and a controlling computer

The EPoS point of sale system places this data along with other features in a unique code which can be scanned at PoP (Point of Purchase). Some additional features that come with EPoS hardware is EPoS sales module, EPoS suppliers’ module, inventory management, stock control and CRM. EPoS system prices that we provide give you the best Return on Investment.

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