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EPoS hardware lets you manage your daily business efficiently. Forget the traditional tilling and billing and be ready to install the latest EPoS equipment that lets you handle all tasks like billing, sales, issue receipts and also provide exciting options to the customers. The EPoS makes the traditional point of sale lucrative in this age of internet where so much sells online.

No Price tags are required to know the cost of the merchandise. The EPoS point of sale system places this data along with other features in a unique code which can be scanned at PoP (Point of Purchase). Some additional features that come with EPoS hardware is EPoS sales module, EPoS suppliers’ module, inventory management, stock control and CRM. EPoS system prices that we provide give you the best Return on Investment. Our EPoS systems for sale hardware will prove to be invaluable for you solving all your problems related to sales and inventory management.

What comprises the hardware?

  • The interface – These are sleek systems and not the old bulky registers. It includes a display, customer billing display, barcode scanning tool, keyboard and a cash drawer. Our modern EPoS has much more than these components.
  • Accessories – The EPoS system can have keyboard, a terminal for electronic payments and a touch enabled monitor. The accessories are installed as per the need of the business.

What to check before installing EPoS hardware?

There are a few things to check before installing EPoS hardware. One should know these checking points for the system to work properly.

  • Processor – With wireless connectivity becoming a norm the processor is a critical hardware to consider in an EPoS system.
  • Hardware Encryption – This is critical for EPoS as hardware encryption is safer than software encryption for financial transactions.
  • Card Interface – There are many magnetic card interfaces in the market and the EPoS hardware should be compatible with all.
  • Touch Screen – Quick management of the EPoS is possible with touch screen, though it depends on the business whether or not to install touch technology.

The wait time reduction is the most important advantage of installing and EPoS system. It makes the process faster means billing is quicker and customers do not have to wait long. This makes the customer comfortable and he/she buys more from the same store. With the coming of mobile EPoS technology is going to serve the customer even better. The business growth is the result!

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