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S-Epos has been developing software for the fast food and retail industry, since the year 2016. The company currently employs a team of highly skilled IT professionals with over 25 years experience in software development, programming, and provision of commercial solutions. S-Epos has developed a complete range of Electronic Point Of Sale Systems (EPOS) solutions to suit every budget. In most cases, we use IBM products as we believe in giving our customers the best quality and reliability at affordable prices.

We pride ourselves in providing real solutions for the Fast Food, Restaurant, Retail and Warehouse Management industries. We have used our extensive knowledge and experience in these industries to create and develop comprehensive and user friendly software which enhance the profits of any of the businesses above. The newest edition to our family of products is Taxisoft aimed at the Taxi Industry.

S-Epos’s POS software are one of the most advanced yet simple-to-use solutions available in todays market place. The easily configured, user friendly system allows staff to understand and use very quickly with minimum time. Our completely Windows based solutions are highly flexible and specifically designed for the Independent Retailer in any market.

By using S-Epos Software and IBM Hardware, we can provide an elegant combination of performance and efficiency. The installations and maintenance of the systems for either a single site business or a multi-site business, will be the responsibility of S-Epos and IBM.

Transform your business! Maximize your profits!

In the PC industry, accepted reliability requirements are based on office usage. This is a problem because as any retail knows, the typical store poses far more hazards than the typical office including dust, dirt, grease, grime, shock, vibration, spills, magnetic fields and RF interference.

POS systems often work longer hours than office PCs, which means a POS system that only meets office-based reliability requirements may be more susceptible to common retail hazards. Consequently, it may be more prone to fail in a retail setting. For reliability and performance we use IBM POS System. Now with combination of S-Epos and IBM solutions we can help you to:

  • Enhance your customers’ experience
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Increases business flexibility
  • Make Bigger Profits
  • Work smarter not harder

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