Increase Profits With EPoS System

Business and technology are running parallel and business is using technology to streamline their operations. EPoS system technology gives the tools to small and medium sized business enterprises to compete against the big companies and multinational corporations. At present the electronic EPoS systems are much more than the place to store cash and the benefits of the system are many. What does it include? Well, read on to find.

EPoS: What is it?

EPOS stands for Electronic Point of Sale system which is a system based on computer software and hardware being used at retail outlets, restaurants and shops. It is an electronic way to process the purchases of goods and services.



The benefits of EPoS to the Business

  1. Provides insight into the running of business – EPoS system has the capacity to measure and manage business and provide data that can provide useful insights into what to do. It helps to:

    • Trend spotting – Analytical reports available with the system help the business to spot the trends, and allocate the resources accordingly.
    • Measuring critical business data – The reports gives data on various things like inventory, margins of sale and the quantity of sales. This helps in managing these critical points of the business.
    • Helps to find customer preference – With live monitoring of which brand is selling more, the business is able to know the popular items and the items lying on shelves unsold. This helps in critical inventory management issues and making promotions for specific items.
  2. Time Management – Almost all of the administration tasks of business are mundane and require much time. With the installation of EPoS all the admin activities like accounting, inventory management and staffing are automated providing time to run the business. The areas the system offers time management are:

    • Managing queue – The average transaction time is reduced as the electronic point of sale system reduces wait time and also has a positive effect on the customer satisfaction in the process.
    • Easy training - The system has an inbuilt training for staff and the interface is very user friendly and is very good for retail and hospitality sector.
    • Using time optimally - No more counting cash or managing inventory, which means employees, can focus on selling and serving the customers. This means a better rapport with customers leading to increase in business.

There are long term benefits of using e pos systems like reducing human error, improving data integrity, accurate sales reporting, constant updating of inventory and of course faster transactions. They can also be integrated to work as web based epos where online sales also come in the purview of total sales. Buy EPoS system today and reap the benefits!

How does EPoS Work?

Eposes till systems are custom made computer hardware and software which fits right in the point of sale. Some of the common parts of an electronic point of sale system are customer display, cash register, printers, weighing scales and digital payment systems.

The system supports a variety of input devices like keyboard, touch screen monitors and barcode scanners. In short it provides a lot of flexibility to the retailer while still doing the work at a better pace. It can be customized to perform complex jobs like:

  • Recording sales
  • Stock level updating and alarm trigger for depleting stock
  • Accurate price data
  • Customer service handling efficiently and
  • Keeping track of taxes.

EPOS System: For Restaurants & Takeaways

Restaurants and Takeaways have very high volume of transaction daily; that is in cash or through credit cards. That is why EPOS system becomes important restaurants & takeaways business operations. EPOS system not only track every penny of your daily sales but it also act as credit card processors for your business. Many Epos systems are passwords protected and use secure internet service, this makes swiping credit cards more secure for both the customer as well as business.


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